Posted by: ableanna | February 22, 2010

to market, to market

at the atwater market on sunday

sunday market

I’m taking a little pause here, because I have a feeling my subsequent posts are going to contain a lot of news.

A few little side notes…

We wasted a good portion of tonight trying to book a romantic getaway vacation on a site that refuses to allow us to make the final booking appointment. Cue google segues into researching EVERY HOTEL within a 100 mile radius and arguing about how annoying each other is with the scroll down speed on tripadvisor. WHO uses the arrow button at the bottom of the scroll bar?! Despite his scroll bar skills – I’m super excited about said planned weekend.

Super fun that I have won a heart-shaped cake pan! Thanks to fudgie, I can look forward to making many misshaped mishaps full of marshmallow deaths.

How about them Olympics? My enthusiasm has waned over the last 24 hours… but maybe that’s because the never ending saga with the fish tank continues to breakdown and look like its contents came directly out of the sewer. Still though, love the moguls, the snowboarding, downhill skiing and speed skating.

How about the winter? Not too bad this year, I have to say. Although I will admit that I have been perusing the seed catalogues recently… planning less swiss chard, more flowers.

Contemplating getting back into shape… its been a 6 month hiatus and my body is starting to show signs of deterioration. I think I feel the urge to throw on my running shoes sometime in the next week. Also, I have a shoulder surgery coming up and I need to start prepping so that I have SOME muscle to work with during the post-surgery recovery physio.

Ok, bed time. Useless post over. Want to see a nice, fun, pretty post? Visit cochonet, she’s pretty great.


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