Posted by: ableanna | March 31, 2008

Dead Squirrel Cake

Let me pre-empt these photos with a bit of an explanation. My friend dislikes squirrels quite strongly. It might have something to do with that neighbor of hers who encourages the entire squirrel population to crawl all over her bikini-clad overly tanned body throughout the summer. Perhaps.


Hence the inspiration for my cake. Dead squirrels skewered by toothpicks. The red food dye was D’s fault, he definitely thought that it would add that je ne sais quoi to make the cake memorable. I’m still slightly horrified at my own gutsy-ness to really commit to the CSI theme. Nonetheless, it was very effective. Although, I don’t think my daughter will ever like marshmallows.




  1. Um, AWESOME. Squirrels are just cuter rats, anyway.

  2. […] you? What fear can I can decorate your cake with? No Comments by Annabelle on June 3, 2011 filed in annabelle, friday sendoff tagged […]

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