Posted by: ableanna | March 28, 2008

Writer’s block already?

Last week I had so many ideas about blogging I thought for sure I would be THE NEXT BIG THING (“honestly, I thought I would be writing for five people, I didn’t know the Whole World would find me so interesting!”)… this week the crickets are chirping and I am just one blog amongst many many millions out there. I could seriously end the post right there, but I am forcing myself to write at least five sentences… five long boring bloody sentences to help myself through this rut. So let me think of five things you’d never need to know about me:

1. If I come back in my next life as a spice or herb… I really hope I’m cumin seed. I’m very serious.

2. When my mother called me a “Smarty-pants”, I used to check my pants for Smarties. Incidentally, much later in my youth, I won my weight in Smarties (85 lbs), (and I LIED about those last 10 pounds.)

3. Don’t eat popcorn beside me in a movie theatre. Or talk. Or breathe. Or be present. I HAVE A CINEMA COMPLEX.

4. I secretly race people on the treadmills beside me and feel smug about it. I loathe this about myself.

5. I read this book about barnyard animals to my daughter every night – my favorite part of the book is when I have to gobble like a turkey and read “As well as I am able, I’ll decorate your Thanksgiving table!” Poor turkey.

Good night.

Final Note (while I am on the topic of writing): When I started blogging a few years ago (and then stopped for several reasons for which I won’t go into here) I came across A Gag Reflex, which opened my eyes as to how well a story could be told via blogosphere. I am happy to report that the author is having her stories published and I encourage you to take a look at the book here.



  1. I would almost certainly want to be cinnamon.

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