About Annabelle

I use this blog to write about my life as it is and as it was, but in general I like to write about being a parent and being a woman and being involved in creative things. Other times I whine about how my body is already a mess at the tender age of 30-something. Sometimes I use my skills earned from my BFA in Photography, even though I would not classify myself as a Photographer. You’ll find this blog space real busy and active some months and other months you’ll think I sold all my belongings and moved to the Galapagos; or maybe Gwyneth finally gave me a call and we’re talking about how life was so hard growing up with creative elite in Manhattan. I’ll probably be thinking that way, too. But I urge you: do not give up on me! I do actually covet this space – even if I do give it the occasional silent treatment – so please revisit from time to time. Also, if I’m not here, I’m definitely active over at emelineandannabelle.com – which is the site for our little sew lounge located in Montreal, Canada.

Annabelle Agnew



  1. Really loved going through your bolg. It looks great- light, airy, never ponderously thoughtful but brilliant nonetheless. the image tie-ins are lovely.
    And also very professional.
    You rock!

  2. Hi Annabelle
    I looked you up on Twitter and saw your blog, congratulations.
    I am extremely happy to find out that you have a beautiful daughter, a new house and a whole lot of a new life. You desreve all of it and more. My best

  3. You are a wonderful person and you have a way with words like no one else I know… brilliant to read about your thoughts and experiences.

  4. Good on you Annabelle. Im really proud of you. What a great [and original] idea.
    Kep up the good work and remember to enjoy yourself and spend lots of time with Ella.
    Luv Joan

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