Posted by: ableanna | February 13, 2010

I’d like a bowl of water, please

What. a. week.


After 14 years of putting “Get Driver’s License” on my list of Resolutions (until this year, it was my ONLY resolution)… I did my road test on Monday and passed. Not with flying colors and in truth, might understand HOW Montreal has become so reknowned for its bad drivers i.e. my Tester passed me, then got out and re-parked the car I had spent the last ten minutes of my test trying to park. Nonetheless, the idea that I have the OPTION to not navigate the inferno metro in a parka with a toddler has brought on a new idea of freedom. Just need the car to execute that idea.

Cooking lesson at Appetite for Books – what a great idea for a date. You bring your wine. You get a new cookbook. Four dishes selected from the cookbook are prepared in front of you. You share the joy of food with 8 other strangers and compare your experiences with cooking. You find out how to choose the best eggplant. You find out that maybe your hatred for Lasagna is misinformed. You walk out full and inspired and ready to explore new recipes for the weekly menu plan.

Bellydancing restaurants… why are these not more popular? One of the best dining experiences I have ever had.


Way too many.

Work was filled with drama – normally I can take it and leave it and get over it and get on with it. This was not one of those weeks. This is one of those weeks where the stress of everything else overlaps into all aspects of life and the clarity to prevent overspill inevitably succumbed to being overwhelmed and putting my foot down to say “Enough.” Probably not in the most professional way, but sometimes anger is the only way to make yourself clear.

And how about finding yourself in the dog-house at home and knowing that, despite your differences of opinions and interpretations, you know you are wrong? How about knowing that you can not say or do anything to make it right? That you royally fucked up? All you can do is concede, nod, agree, put your pride aside and then ask that person for forgiveness. And hope that all your good qualities are enough to get you through your mistakes and faults. And then how about forgiving yourself? That’s important too.

My time is up on the year-long Shoulder Surgery waiting list. This SHOULD be a Pro. But this surgery terrifies me… 8 WEEKS RECOVERY? When is there time to do that? Years of Physio… Barf.

Finding the middle:

Might be a cliche, but the balance always finds itself in the small things: late night phone talks, skype bear hugs, breaking your personal rules, coffee in the kitchen with a good friend, laughing, idle chat, my semi-clean house, plants are alive, daughter requesting a nap early in the day, listening to The Debaters, and an hour of quiet.

snow walk

deep freeze fun



  1. Wow! I feel like we just had a deep convo w/ wine…but we didn’t…and we should!


  2. hugs- if only for your new found inspiration: LASAGNA.
    the week almost killed you- BUT IT DIDN’T !! YAY!

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