Posted by: ableanna | October 2, 2008


Dislocated Shoulder

Dislocated Shoulder

I’ve been kind of accident prone lately… re-dislocating my shoulder before the half-marathon and then falling with my daughter in my arms yesterday. I HATE being injured. Hate it. Hateithateithateithateit. (Well, I mean, who loves it?) I thought about talking about all of the varieties of interesting injuries I’ve suffered from and then my eyes glazed over and a nap seemed WAY more appealing. I think it’s safe to say that you would feel the same way.

But I was thinking of some of the funny things that were said to me during the times I was injured/in recovery and came up with these quotes:

– “Yeah. Not taking antibiotics for that cat-bite would be stupid! It’s much easier to just take a machete and chop your hand off.” (Doctor prescribing me antibiotics)

– “What did you do, bungee jump with the cord around your neck?” (My boss)

– “I totally understand what it must be like to have a baby. I just got a kitten!” (some lady in the Health Food store)

– “Yeah. Mom told me that when you were in the hospital your eye was running, like HALF-WAY DOWN YOUR FACE, and she was too scared to tell you. Anyway we were all saying that you should answer the Trick-or-Treaters this year, because you wouldn’t need a costume!” (my 8 year old brother)

What about you? Any funny injury stories? You know, laughter IS the best medicine….



  1. lady with kitten in health food store… priceless.

  2. hi there

    sorry stupid question, but were you able to run the marathon after re-dislocating your shoulder? how soon before the race did you do it?

    I just did mine before a half marathon, and i’m not happy!


  3. Hi Dan,

    I re-dislocated it on the Wednesday and ran the Half on the Sunday. I should clarify that my dislocation is a partial one, so it pops in and out by itself. And while I did have pain with certain movements (and still do) I found the movement my arms made in running weren’t painful.

    What I didn’t do was see anyone about the arm until after the race. I was to afraid of being told I should not race – and as you know, after all of those 20K runs, racing armless seems like the better option. If I have one regret it’s that I didn’t have a therapy session before the race. My therapist might have advised me not to race, but he would have also prepped it by icing it, moving it, and taping it so that it would be in a better position (and held in by the tap) for race day.

    I read on another blog how a man ran with his arm in a sling after dislocating his shoulder days before the NYC marathon.

    Anyway, truly, I feel for you. I was absolutely miserable when it happened. But I did it. I ran the race a little bit slower than I intended, but I ran it and don’t regret my decision. At all.

    As you know it all boils down to how you feel – if you’re in constant pain when you’re running, it’s probably not a good idea.

    Good luck!

  4. […] As I noted in my last post, my body has been attempting to sabotage my life recently, with the hip pain, flu, sinusitis (which has also made half of my face raw from all the nose-blowing going on round here) and tooth decay (with subsequent wisdom tooth removal). I have been trying not to whine, trying to laugh it all off, trying to take it all in stride and get on with my day. And then, Saturday night, after a great party at home with both of our families together, I pull the blanket towards me as I am getting into bed adnd my shoulder re-dislocates. Again. […]

  5. […] I think I feel the urge to throw on my running shoes sometime in the next week. Also, I have a shoulder surgery coming up and I need to start prepping so that I have SOME muscle to work with during the […]

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