Posted by: ableanna | April 7, 2010

Assembly day & giving thanks

There were times, many times in my early adulthood where I felt rather alone and as though I could only depend on myself to make my life happen. My 20’s were full of cynicism and figuring out why I shouldn’t bother pursuing something before I had even tried. It’s an isolating way to look at the world – and then things happened to me – I got injured, I had a baby and I realized I really would never know everything about anything and that NO ONE expected me to. I realized that if I asked for help, I would get it. I would get somewhere else. This is my tiny shout out to the entire village of people helping us get this shop up and running.

I can remember our first “ideal” floor plans on paper *if* we got a perfectly perfect space and to see this all come to BE is something so spectacular. Volunteers to get chairs and table legs at Ikea? Pick up our accounting software? Come in after work and help assemble the shelving? Take time out of your morning to help drill in table legs and bring coffee? Come in on a holiday and paint everything? Install everything on our computer? Or how about install the floors, the wiring, the fixtures, build the massive cutting tables and cash area? Create our brand? Brainstorm workshops? Give us money? Or just even listen to us – constantly? All because we asked you to? For all of this we owe huge thanks to you. Seriously. And your invite is in the e-mail: the least we can do is give you a drink and raise our glass to you.

Here are the new shop visuals of what we got done today (with our village of people).

Emeline & Annabelle shop

Emeline & Annabelle shop

Emeline & Annabelle shop

Emeline & Annabelle shop

Emeline & Annabelle shop



  1. Looks fantastic! Where did you shop for the shelves and light fixtures? They look so lovely.

  2. looks nice! still need someone to do the workshops?

  3. thanks ladies! maranda – the answers all lie within Ikea. lynn – we have a team of instructors hired, but we’ll be looking to add on a few more as the shop progresses – get in touch when you get back!

  4. Annabelle, I’m totally blown away! It looks incredible, everything is just gorgeous. Especially those lights! So awesomely exciting! Millions and millions of congratulations from SA. I’ll catch it in person sometime soon.

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