Posted by: ableanna | January 11, 2010

Holiday projects (a visual recap)

mud flood

"mini" reno


Even the smallest of changes can take up so much of the time you don’t have – especially if that time is suddenly taken by a massive flood in your basement. And painting with eco-paint (which is 99% amazing on walls because there is NO smell) , especially wood mouldings and cabinet doors, require about 5 coats a night for a period of two weeks. That’s after 3 coats of eco-primer. But its also the constant chaos you live in that tends to be more exhausting – even if you wanted to take a night off – there’s no place to really relax.

someday space makers

assembly required


dust 24/7

laundry 24/7

But you make do. I still managed to get to work everyday (thought sometimes barely) and we managed to fit a few moments for the more funside of creative projects.

Potato print cards

hand-drawn advent

discussing cookie days


drawing squares

We also found time to walk to the market and carry seven feets of tree home and noted , quite often, that if we had a car every project would take half as much time and getting a tree would take 15 minutes, not two hours.


We enjoyed a full house full of visiting family and friends – for two weeks we rarely had less than 10 people at our dinner table at all times, and we also got out to a few parties too. I think for me, Christmas has only gotten better with age. Yes, it’s stressful, but jeez it’s fun.

20 pounds of awesome

beautiful decor - not mine

cochonet's egg candles

much loved food awaits

new residents



  1. wow, that was beautiful! Thanks for the recap and the candle nod!

  2. Your re-done kitchen looks gorgeous!!

  3. why thank you!

  4. Ack! It’s people like you that paint over wood paneling in all the apartments I moved into. I’ve always thought is was drunken fairies! Why?

  5. Oh – I know. I was in your boat for many years. I never thought I would be one of those people. Turns out I am!

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