Posted by: ableanna | October 7, 2009

An update to get rid of that post

I keep coming here to post, but my last post is kind of a marvel to me as I’m not really sure what kind of headspace I was in… obviously an inquisitive one?

Who knows, but I do know that I hate taking a proverbial dump on my blog, because then I just never want to come back here. All I can think is “Buh, I can’t believe I thought that was something to write about. How embarrassing.” And then I hide and neglect and generally pretend that this space does not exist. But, oh, it does.

So I’m writing to refresh and renew and hopefully next time, have something more to offer. It’s been way hectic over here, I can hardly believe it’s mid-October. Can you? I didn’t think so.

Also, just as an aside, we have an 18lb turkey on order and 13-15 invited guests coming in from out of town etc. and a broken oven. After a lot of tinkering, D has found a way to get it working, so long as he removes the door and the bottom of the oven… and bangs open the gas valve to get it running. That’s our plan! Blow up the house! My friend suggested a “BYOT” affair and I can’t stop laughing about it. I want to make posters.



  1. Hahaa! BYOT + dead squirrel cake will be my lasting legacy! I’m seriously considering passing out frozen turkey tv dinners and gesturing toward the microwave on sunday.


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