Posted by: ableanna | September 18, 2009

District 9

D and I watched this movie the other night and in summary, I think it’s a worthwhile flick to watch. But it kind of is disgusting.

Please read no further if you have not seen the movie – but if you have seen the movie! Can I ask you a question? Because I can’t stop thinking about it. Do you think that this is some type of metaphor for how men think pregnancy must feel? You know? Like our bodies change, our hair falls out, our skin gets patchy, our teeth get weak, our skin erupts, things swell, we get really cranky, we want to eat weird things (like cat food?), doctors kind of take over without really telling you exactly what’s going on, we find ourselves cultishly following any news in pregnancy, we have weapons that men can’t seem to figure out how to use (manipulative weaponry) and you know, generally all we want to do is just go home to the Mother Ship instead of being evicted out of District 9. Or just have a freaking glass of wine already!

Maybe it was just my experience.



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