Posted by: ableanna | September 15, 2009

Lessons Learned in Gardening: Carrots

Carrot seeds are the tiniest things to plant and I kind of got lazy at trying to space them apart, so I poured the seeds in a long line. The trick is (as I was told later) is to continually weed out the carrots from the carrots, so that they’re spaced evenly enough to grow. I kind of did that, but I think in the end I needed more space in between each carrot.

The main issue I had growing carrots? SLUGS. Even typing the word out makes me want to gag. They are everywhere with carrots and the things disgust me. Maybe its the no eyes-no mouth thing, or the slime-factor, but then worms don’t bother me in the same way. Maybe it’s because they remind me of larger maggots. Maybe they remind me of that time I found leeches on my legs after swimming in a lake when I was a kid. HORRIFYING. I feel like the Wicked Witch of the East when they touch me I’M MELLLLTINGGGG! I’m mellllltinnnnnnngg…ssssssssssss….



It’s a problem. I know I should get over it, but every time I try, I find myself dry-heaving in a corner.

But I got some pretty cool carrots so far! Next year I’ll enter them into the “Weirdest Carrot” category at The Brome Fair.

could have been a contender

could have been a contender



  1. Have you tried the “beer in the cup slug trap”?

  2. No! It sounds great though! Where would I put the cup of beer? Does it really work???

  3. i haven’t grown carrots yet – i’ll be planting in about a month. i think i’m going to order some diatomaceous earth to help prevent the slug factor, though. did you try this? hopefully, growing in raised bed will keep many of them at bay…

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