Posted by: ableanna | September 14, 2009

Empty Walls

The irony that I live in a house with mostly bare walls has not escaped me. The fact that I have not put together a photo album or printed very few photos in three years, when my degree is in photography, is shameful. There are so many pieces of artwork I have saved up to frame that I think I might need a lottery win to help out in my budget planning. I can’t bring myself to just tack things up with tape or an Ikea frame (not that these are overall bad frames, but whenever I get to the framing section in Ikea I am completely overwhelmed from showrooms and stockpiles of inventory that even my detailed list Of Things Needed – drafted days before – can’t save me from the instinct of I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW). I know, it’s a weird conundrum.

D is constantly threatening to get rid of these piles. Of course he wouldn’t, because he once threw out a WORKING PEN and he knows what that did to me (and our evening). (Re: Pens & I have a long history together.)

I recently bought this print (which is added to the To Be Framed Someday pile):

by Diana Suyka

by Diana Suyka

You can see more Diana Sudyka prints at her Etsy Shop.

I really want my house to be a gallery. Royal Tenenbaum-esque. I once modeled for Elena Willis, where I stood in a pond in the middle of October, which resulted in this stunning photograph:

Group Effect, by Elena Willis

Group Effect, by Elena Willis

My real point is, that prior to the photo-shoot we went to this Photographer’s house that she was being mentored by and the art collection he had was astounding. Wall-to-wall photographs and artwork. WALL TO WALL. There is something so comforting with that type of visual clutter.

So for now, I am collecting my potential visual clutter. Keeping tabs on artists I might someday want to buy from (including the work from Elena):

The Lion and The Unicorn, by Kristine Moran

The Lion and The Unicorn, by Kristine Moran

The garden, by Kristine Moran

The garden, by Kristine Moran

Kristine Moran via Design Milk

And so the pile grows, much to Dave’s chagrin.
Anyone know someone who likes to frame work for free?


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