Posted by: ableanna | August 3, 2009

little old lady already

Saturday market outfit

Saturday market outfit

This picture makes me happy for so many reasons:

  • There is sun and you can almost see the heat and it’s a Saturday
  • I had to coerce her into wearing the dress, by agreeing to wear a black dress I normally wear out for date night (and had worn for date night last weekend, which had not yet been drycleaned.)
  • I tried to get out of the deal by throwing on shorts: “WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING. MUMMY.”
  • A deal is a deal, especially when you are 3 years old. Stinky dresses are not exempt.
  • The socks were a Life Might End As We Know It clause, if she did not have her way (and hey, they are her feet)
  • I spent 15 minutes of my life watching in frustrated silence as she tried to pull those socks over her jagged toenails, screech at her own impatience and fiddle with them until the wrinkles were just right.
  • And then the crackers, what is a market jaunt without crackers in a baggie? (Not worth it.)
  • She might be channeling Little Edie Beales
  • Finally, I am so so so so so happy she’s better. She can have all the socks in the world.

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