Posted by: ableanna | July 31, 2009

Invasion of the body-snatchers

Amish Horses by Colleen Plumb

Amish Horses by Colleen Plumb

I’ve had one of those weeks: the type of week where you realize that your life hasn’t really been in fine balance, but rather a precarious juggling act….being held just on the precipice of the Apocalypse or The Circus. (Whichever one feels worse to you – I leave you with that choice. You’re Welcome!)

I’m not going into detail today – too tired, too lazy – as well as the post would read as a laundry list of things not quite being perfect or, well, just a lot of whining.

I will say this: high fevers in young children are actually terrifying. Also, I love modern medicine. (The fact that I am able to see today is beyond miraculous and I told myself 5 years ago I would never take this fact for granted… and I was reminded last weekend how much I have taken it for granted.)

Finally – the picture – Amish Horses by Colleen Plumb is a print I should have bought a long time ago at 20×200. Sadly, it is sold out. I think it perfectly summarizes the residual effects of this week. It’s also calming. I like calm.


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