Posted by: ableanna | July 24, 2009

Kitchen Mania

When we bought our house, our criteria was to find a house that did not need to be fixed up right away, but it had not been “flipped” or renovated recently to match another person’s style. Our other intention was to essentially live in the space for a year without doing much to it, in order to better understand it.

Nonetheless when we decided last weekend that we were going to begin renovating come September, I have been on the verge of panic ever since. As exciting as reno can be, the idea of no kitchen for 6-8 weeks creeps me out. Also, I don’t exactly have massive confidence in my ability to choose all the right things or re-design the layout of our bottom floor. I always KNOW what I love, but when it comes to choosing all the little things to amass into one big whole kitchen, I am afraid to I might get lost in the details.

So expect regular kitchen posts for the next little while!

I actually clipped out a kitchen I loved in the magazing Livingetc a while back ago, owned by a Chrissie Probert Jones who owns I found the magazine images I wanted to post via itsallsolovely (merci!)

I love the way she uses color in her rooms. And those kitchen chairs?






  1. GORGEOUS! have faith in your abilities! We’ll make you a kick ass kitchen!

  2. Love that kitchen! You’ve got good taste in spades, worry not 🙂

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