Posted by: ableanna | July 11, 2009


Garden start

Garden start

One of the other reasons why I stayed so far far away from the blog was because my beautiful computer crashed early in May and took everything I had ever come to create with it. Fortunately the photos are semi-salvageable, having uploaded them online at the Kodak store. But, all the wonderful little videos of my daughter? Gone. But, the most traumatic was the actual fact that all of my lovingly organized bookmarks and spaces had vanished and I was going to have to start from scratch – with the new job it just felt too daunting to face.

However, after A LOT of back and forth with the Mac store – a drama too persnickety to allow myself to bore you with the details – two months later we have a brand spanking new hard drive and even newer backup system. I feel ready to start over again, too.

While I have been away, I have been busy making my garden grow… and I am VERY impressed with myself. During the time between seeing the house for the first time and moving in, we found that the cute little garden had quickly devolved into something out of The Day of the Triffids, we decided to accept them and the hammock-like spiderwebs and befriend Aragog for the remaining summer season.

In the spring, we dug up everything and re-built walls. I plotted the sun and read up on basic gardening. But mostly I went by advice from my Gardening-Guru (my mom) and/or the directions on the pack of the seed packages . We also planted a month too early, but lucked out and never got a frost. We planted beans and carrots, swiss chard and lettuce, herbs… and several flowers, with crawling type plants and things that I thought would look nice. It definitely takes constant involvement to understand how it works and I love that part especially.

My 2nd batch of greens




  1. my 3rd child’s name will be persnickety. It’s a perfect word.

  2. wow. you got beans? we got a swamp, and only Irish farmboy’s potatoes flourish outside the escapelot.
    ex- garden guru

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