Posted by: ableanna | April 2, 2009

After the first day

Despite the wee crisis I encountered this morning, when I arrived at E’s school to find out that it was, em, CLOSED…

(cue panic, cue choking back unprofessional tears, cue sweating all through my new clothes from Banana Republic, cue angry conversation over the phone with spouse because we decide we should yell at eachother instead of… the fates? I don’t know. cue calm resolve. cue huge relief that said spouse is a hero and took the day off his work to allow me to go to my first day of work. cue running across the city to drop off child. cue running back to work. cue astonishment in only being 10 minutes late. cue relief.)

I have to thank the Supernanny and my mom‘s Camp Checklist (that we used when we were kids) for this stroke of brilliance:


If you have ANY trouble getting your child out the door in the morning, I promise you that an illustrated chart will help you loads. Note: make your child get dressed BEFORE breakfast (if you don’t already) this saves, like, five hours of your day. E wakes up at 7 a.m. and no joke, without fail, without begging, without pleading, without physical struggle or rampant chases throughout the house, we are out the door no later than 7:45 a.m. WITHOUT BREAKING A SWEAT. Mind you, I am up an hour earlier to get ready for work, but who cares, right?



  1. I neeeeeeeeed one of these, can i commission you to do one for me?!?!?!

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