Posted by: ableanna | March 27, 2009

Tweets of the week

Well, it’s been a full and fascinating week on Twitter.

FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW: Everyone should follow Christopher Walken. 140 words of Walken is pure brilliance everytime i.e. “I do my best thinking in a barber’s chair. Sadly I do my worst remembering there too. Sure, I could take some notes but who does that?” and “An associate told me that he’d been cheating on his wife. He asked me not to talk about it and I probably won’t. Unless it comes up somehow.”

TREND OF THE WEEK: The love wave experiment proposed by Ashton Kutcher was a fascinating use of Twitter. It demonstrated just how powerful this medium is by its ability to summon the masses to pass on a message almost instantly.

MOVIE OF THE WEEK: The new trailer for Spike Jonze’s movie Where The Wild Things Are was retweeted by everybody and then everybody else. This movie? Looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. To watch the trailer, visit the lovely Cochonet.

I SWEAR HE IS MY TWIN: @chewbacca: “ahhhrhrhhnnnnn GRRRRHHhhh wwhhreeehrhrnnnn”

FASHION TIP OF THE WEEK: @Limited Hype: “instructional guide on how to be a thoroughbred douche: 1) track pants 2) leather jacket. END.”

PARENTING TIP OF THE WEEK: @robcorddry: “Just played fake fetch with my two year old. Pretend to throw fake bone. Retrieves. Read the paper.”

FOOD FAD I’D LIKE TO START: @astrik: “super nibs are not part of a food group, this I have only learned after I ate a lunchtime meal of them…..”


Oh, and if your daughter sticks a currant up her nose and you tweet about it, everyone will want to know how you got it out. (All you need is a little pressure, a little patience and a downward stroke alongside the outside of the nose. Unless it’s REALLY up there.) (Then you see a Doctor.)

Also, post-IKEA trip stress feels much better after convening tweets of reassurance that storming out of that place is IMPOSSIBLE.



  1. It has been clearly established that me and my dear man can no longer go to Ikea together. It brings us to the brink of divorce every time.

  2. it has now become my goal to ‘make’ your twitter list it sad that thats my only ambition in life?

  3. so apparently the “cwalken” account has been suspended. sad. whoever was writing for that account was HILARIOUS.

  4. oh no, no more cwalken! that account was even more hilarious because I was envisioning the actual christopher saying those things….(I actually thought it was him, shame on me.)

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