Posted by: ableanna | March 20, 2009

Tweets of the week

As I mentioned before I recently quit Facebook. Despite feeling somewhat crippled in my social life, I am really glad that I did. So when I joined onto Twitter my friend quipped “Isn’t that like quitting cigarettes only to start heroin?” Actually, no. No, not at all. Not that I wasn’t afraid of that (heroin addiction is scary!) but cochonet convinced me that this cut out all the BS of Facebook. I hesitate to say she’s right, because I’ll never hear the end of it, but there you have it, she’s right. The beauty of twitter is that you can communicate with your friends, but what’s more, is that it streamlines/filters a whole bunch of other information for you, without having to surf the internet for it. Kind of like an RSS feed, but better. Also because there’s no BS, there is very little room to procrastinate.

Welcome to my new Friday event:  “Tweets of the week”, a feature that will highlight favorite tweets uncovered by yours truly.  Here are the best recommended articles & links I came across:

These made me laugh and nod my head in agreement:

  • robcorddry: Had a great Monday Meeting with my two year old today. All bases covered: 1: Your private parts are shameful, will never surpass me, etc.
  • diablocody: I like Gwyneth, GOOP and all. I’m not gonna shit all over someone’s risotto recipe just to be clever.
  • TheOnion: Area Dad Botches ‘Princess Bride’ Quote
  • katiegilkes: Judging by the mysterious trail of pizza crust and sauce from the front door to the bed, last night was darn tootin’ fun.

And this made me feel all warm and smug (especially when I pegged Luke for an Americano):

Let’s hope the weekend will be full of the real springtime tweets…. Happy weekend! xo



  1. If I promise to make the pavlova, will you promise to come with the kids to the sugar shack? Or has E already left the school? I’ll make the pavlova even if you don’t come…

  2. Ok- What a great post and weekly roundup. Also note that I must make an appearance on the list every week. You know, just to make sure we don’t drift apart of anything.

  3. Thanks for macroblogging my microblog!

  4. Glad I’m amusing someone! A. was all like; “You’re a surly carbo-loader when you’re drunk!”

    -Saucy McGee.

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