Posted by: ableanna | March 13, 2009

Spring Blue

I made an agreement with Em that I would not wear the mom-jeans/black-fleece Fashion-served-daily for our recent trip in Toronto. Prompted by our phone conversation about planned outfits that I felt I was on target with until she meandered into: Isaac Mizrahi is really bored with the “dressed up jean”; like, we weren’t fooling anyone with our fancier shirt and nicer shoes on those evenings out. Like, try harder, Ladeez. What? Who the f*ck cares about Isaac Mizrahi, right? Well, suddenly I did. It became my mission in life to please Isaac Mizrahi.  I ransacked my closet and piled everything onto my bed. Clothing that yawned in dazed fashion (haw haw!) and said “Hunh. What? What year is it?” and I was all “Isaac said so, O.K?” I even got out the iron and used it.

It was kind of liberating. It was the dawn of the New Persona. The Anti-Annabelle. I think I did a pretty good job of it, too; or I just looked like a really tall lunatic in heels. Regardless, I am sure I made an impression. It felt really nice to be wearing something different. Although, it sure was nice to put on the Jean-fleece combo on Monday. And Tuesday… And what’s today?

One of my favorite sites is The Sartorialist and one of my favorite colors is Yves Klein Blue (IKB) (or “cobalt blue”,… but *only kinda cobalt* blue). I thought it was a hideous trend last year when they brought cobalt back into the 80s throwback fad. Please: Just Say No to Whore. (American Apparel!). But it CAN be done:


I want all of these outfits.



  1. LOVE the hat+scarf combo…

  2. Oh and sometimes it can be fun to embrace the inner whore… sometimes!

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