Posted by: ableanna | February 26, 2009


sooo…. I was going to write a post to commemorate the fact that I was born on this day. But, meh.  Look, I’ve been kind of busy and my mom is visiting and she *said* she didn’t kick out the plug in the Guest Room, that it merely “looked strained” and then proceeded to go along with my belief that the internet service was down all day (“but how was I to know that that plug had something to do with anything?” she says.)  So this means, I’m in no real mood to start writing about my presence on this Earth for the last 31 years. Lucky you. But yay! I was born! Actually I doubt I would have been in the mood to write anyway, but I like making my Mom feel bad about inane things because I realize that this is what daughters do. Quite well. I would not be here without my Mom and I would not want to be here without my Mom.  (I’m off to take my new wonder drug known as melatonin. Hello: AMAZING. Thanks Mom!)





  1. she said she could’ve been a scientiist! and yet, she was unable to extricate the variable of plugged-in-ness. She SAID that there were trucks out and about obviously there to repair damaged cable… that’s what she said!
    You gotta love that girl.
    For her birthday, I got her a “Manplug” from the musee des beaux arts shop. However since the manplug consisted mostly of female ends I got a sharpie and changed it into a wom-man plug.
    sincerely, Annabelle’s Mother

  2. I have no idea what the plugged-in-ness refers to, but I can vouch for the awesomeness of annabelle. Happy 31st.

    what the heck? 8,903 hits? Your better than that Gwen-whoever!!

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