Posted by: ableanna | February 20, 2009

A series of small moments

Boombox by Patrick Lunden

The Old Dual Cassette Recorder


I went to an art show last night and I have to admit it was really hard for me to convince myself to go, because my Thursdays are dedicated to The Office & 30 Rock. If you’re pitying me then you don’t know what you’re missing. I was also hesitant because at one time I was desperately trying to be an influential part of that scene, I was sure that it would only be a matter of time before someone spotted my genius while I was busy making pretty pictures and I’d be all humble-like “What? I’m an art genius? I never even suspected!” In the end though, I always drank way too much at these shows and woke up wondering if I even wanted to remember what I talked about all night.

The scene was everything I anticipated: the gallery was chock-full of the hipsters and I knew no one (except for the artists). The artists are lovely lovely people that I love like family, which is why I went in the first place.  While I was there, I was reminded of my time as an emerging artist and that in any show you participate in, you have everyone to talk to and yet, feel like you talked to no one in the end. So I said my hellos and made promises to do lunch, had a beer, looked at the art work and left. A half hour journey for a ten minute stay. I quickly realized that this was really not my life anymore and not only that, I didn’t miss it. I admire Stacy and Patrick for their tenacity, it is such a difficult world to live in: not a lot of money, a lot of competition and a lot of judgement.

I was thinking about it all this morning and was reminded of a beautiful post entitled Death of a Hermit Crab I read the other day at Tethered. I think Elizabeth has the ability to illustrate the profound in these tiny moments, whether it is in her writing or her photography. I always feel that push and pull with her, like she’s experiencing that same inner battle of wanting to remember all those little moments and knowing how many will be forgotten and overlooked at the same time.

How does this tie in to the art show last night? I guess it references that there was a time that I really needed Big Moments in my life in order to feel like my life held substance; what I realized last night is that I am quite happy to live my life in a series of small moments.



  1. I raise my beer in agreement: a toast to the small moments.

  2. you too are loved like family. Your summary of emotion and response are truly on cue Annabelle. I was left feeling quite hollow post show, a million mile journey for a 10 minute visit.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words about my post, and for really getting what it is I’m saying and seeing. I love your writing, and this entry touches on what I’ve been feeling lately with openings and the energy that is expended in getting out to them. Sometimes I think I might just quit submitting altogether and make the work for the sake of making the work. But I guess I’m still hoping I can use your “What? I’m an art genius?” line at some point in the future:) Oh, and I think about getting rid of my Facebook account every day, kudos to you for actually doing it.

    With appreciation,


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