Posted by: ableanna | February 18, 2009

I’m back?

I think I’m emerging from my seasonal crises that stems from little light and frigid temperatures. I always like to think that I’m above the weather, but in the end I always find myself in my house robe for a larger part of the day than I would like to admit. Add ovulation into this scenario and my face puffs into a blotchy, tear-stained, snotty mess. And then I cry even more because I can’t believe my sanity can unravel so quickly with a spike in hormones. Like, really? I shouldn’t be able to access such depths of despair and sorrow within 24 hours of feeling normal. I always feel like if I was to find such despair, it would be a long slow process, like a hike up a mountain, or training for a race, you know? Hit certain milestones, like “Okay people, we’ve arrived at Basecamp Apathy! Set up your tents and we’ll head out for the Lake of Self-Pity early tomorrow morning.” None of this rocket launch to your own personal tour of hell. It’s ridiculous.

But, cod liver oil. Cod liver oil has helped immensely. And I’m ready to commit a bit more of myself to this blog, I think? I think also, it needs a bit of re-vamping. My ideas as to what this blog should be have evolved, but I don’t think it currently reflects this very well. And by that I mean: stay tuned!



  1. Cod liver oil, eh?

    I’ve been taking lots of vitamin D and i think it has helped immensely to fight those winter blahs.

    Also, I haven’t had my period in over a year, so that might help too…..

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