Posted by: ableanna | January 13, 2009

New Year, New Couch

New Couch

New Couch

It took me a little while to get back to the blog. I was sweeping the kitchen floor tonight and debated back and forth whether or not it was worth my while to continue forward with this blog… I’m sure if you have a blog, and it’s not visited by thousands a day, you begin to question your reasoning for putting yourself out there. I arrived at the conclusion that while I won’t ever really get anywhere with this blog, I like the idea of putting myself out there, because that in itself is an effort towards something else. I like the idea of not being an eternal critic, because as soon as you put yourself out there, someone is bound to judge or criticize… and that’s just fine to do that, but I think it’s important to be on the receiving end as well. Perhaps this is a cynical spin on the matter, but that’s what I’m thinking.

So the blog stays.

2008 was a golden year for me and 2009 has already started out spectacularly with the arrival of my new couch. Thirteen years of either no couch or a couch with five previous owners covered desperately by a sheet… and now my living room is filled with this wonderful couch. I love couch life. Love it.

And now, based on a recommendation from my friend over here, I am about to sit on it for the evening and watch this movie.



  1. well if it’s worth anything I’M very happy that you decided to forge on!
    Speaking of criticizing though, how terrible was Mila Kunis though… terribly casted.

  2. I demand a new post!

    I am very happy for you about your couch, but you must understand that I am writing an essay on John Milton, and I need MORE DISTRACTION.

    Photographs of other pieces of furniture would be fine.

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