Posted by: ableanna | December 9, 2008

Hopelessly addicted to you…

I admit that I have an achilles heel when it comes to musicals. Funny thing is, I am ALWAYS skeptical before I view one… well, except for maybe when Moulin Rouge! came out, but that’s because I have an even bigger achilles heel when it comes to Ewan MacGregor.

You know what’s hilarious? We were sick AGAIN this weekend. E got the stomach flu… so we spent all day Sunday on the couch and we watched Mamma Mia. I know. You’re thinking Meryl Streep AND ABBA? Let me tell you, it works. In my eyes, Meryl Streep is perfect. And she was nothing less than superb in this movie. I was a mess – singing & hugging Ella as we lay on the couch – as I bawled my head off. If you’re a woman, you’ll understand. (Unless you have a heart of stone.)  My brain has since then turned to mush and “divorce” has been threatened because I’ve been repeatedly serenading Dave with this song:

WE’RE NOT EVEN MARRIED. And it will probably stay that way, seeing as I have an entire Mamma Mia themed wedding to plan.

Also, my neighbors might start requesting that I put curtains up; I’m sure they are already tired of being witness to My Crazy, while I dance WITH A BROOM around the house to this song and this song. I blame Dave. How does he not want to play opposite to my Broadway aspirations? I can hardly take the broom with me to my next audition, can I?


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