Posted by: ableanna | November 26, 2008

Short break

Let me tell you about my day yesterday… okay, well maybe I’ll sum up: it started with forgetting my wallet at home after I trudged through ice and snow with a stroller and my daughter halfway to our destination; ending with an emergency appointment with a dentist, who proceeded to stab me with three needles and remove a gigantic rotting & infected wisdom tooth anchored confidently into my skull.

In light of this, as well as I feel it necessary to catch up on some other things, I am taking an “official” break from the blog (which means I refuse to feel guilty for not writing, at least for a week). Come back next Monday, I’m assuming I’ll have regrouped by then. Hopefully I’ll have most of my teeth left in my head and my wallet will be with me.




  1. WOW! Are we living parallel lives? I broke a tooth and am going Tuesday when they will tell me I have to come back every day for the next year to clean up the mess that is my teeth! I’m also off for glasses Friday. Broke the everyday pair (held with glue for the moment) and the backup pair just cuz I like to burn money! I’m feeling your pain!

  2. Don’t get me started on dentists… oh too late.. Firstly, the offices have a certain scent to them that by instinct leads my tongue to curl over my front teeth in some sort of weird protective manoevuer. My fear of the dental office is deeply rooted.. Secondly, Half my anxiety is about how broke a visit is gonna make me as a non-gainly self-employed , thus non-insured loser.Thirdly: Dental Hygenist attitude. The only time I pay $100 to be restrained and berated.

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