Posted by: ableanna | November 18, 2008

Flickr favorite

i screamo no emo in the morning

i screamo no emo in the morning

So I have been trying to update my Flickr today and it reminded me to post one of my favorite images from my contacts on here. Michelle, who used to blog, somehow found me when I first started blogging. (Chee… the internet? What is that? How do people find each other? Weird! I should look into that.) Anyway, since she stopped blogging (*sniff*) we’ve reconnected through Flickr and I just adore her photostream and especially this image that I’ve posted. I LOVE the dog contrasted against the white room with the polka dots. I love the toothbrush and her expression. I would love to wake up and look that cute! I just love the way her life looks…her whole photostream is full of vibrant color and fun. It’s what I wish my life had looked like in my 20s.

I can not even begin to tell you what my life did look like in my 20s… but I can hint that it was more of the variety of futons on floors lit by an overhead lightbulb; overflowing ashtrays on plastic milk crates and a boyfriend who’s bathroom looked eerily similar to the one in Trainspotting (don’t even watch the clip that I’ve provided. Disgusting. That’s all you really need to know).

Thanks Michelle for letting me use your image! (PS> Start blogging again!)



  1. i totally agree- START BLOGGING again! Michelle’s stuff makes me reminiscent of my university days….And I think maybe we were secret roomates? ashtrays and random high heels in absurd places like bathroom shelves.

  2. Ha, I should clarify that this picture is at my parents’ house; my current hovel is much closer to the grunge pits you describe. Two words: fluorescent lighting. Everywhere. They do that flickery thing every time I turn them on and it feels like a torture chamber, or a B-grade horror movie.

    Anyway. I don’t remember how I found you! Teh internet is a strange little place 🙂

    And – a half marathon, holy cow! Congratulations!

  3. I’m convinced that there should be a universal ban on fluorescent lighting – it has never done anyone any favors. Ever. Anyway, your parents house looks like a lovely refuge!

  4. Oh, and the dog? Beautiful.

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