Posted by: ableanna | November 5, 2008

The other important event tonight

It’s election night and like many of you, I am sure that you are sitting in front of the television trying to figure out how the hell the US Electoral system works… WHERE DO THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES GET VOTED IN?! WHO VOTES FOR THEM? Seriously. Okay, I’m wikipedia-ing this question right after I post this. Yes, I’m posting my naivete for all three of you to see (and probably already suspect).

Anyway, this post is not about Barack Obama. This post is about my step-father Martin Conboy, who is not only an amazing man in my life, but an amazing man in life.

Tonight marks the first night of a week-long Vigil to mark the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War. Starting at twilight, each name of the 68,000 Canadian soldiers who lost their lives will be projected over the next seven days on several monuments located across Canada and at the Canada House in England (where The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are expected to attend the opening ceremonies). More information regarding the event can be read here … which also features a photograph of Martin, taken by ME. Hurrah!


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