Posted by: ableanna | November 5, 2008

Obama Art

Barack Obama changed the way in which a US presidential election campaign was run, by mobilizing the internet as a real tool for communicating his vision for change. As a result he inspired many people to create incredibly effective images and videos, that established Obama as an emblem for Hope and Progress, while taking political satire to the streets.
Shepard Fairey‘s Obama posters struck gold in the visual landscape of American politics.

Some of my favorite street art has to be the Obama Superman, a gallery of these images can be found on Flickr here, but this image is by far my favorite,3004024163_960fd348a1_m

The pairing of Billi the Kid and Zoltron reinvented sticker culture with the muscly Sarah Palin (and who can’t forget the photoshopped image of Sarah Palin in a American Flag bikini holding a rifle?) , dancing John McCain and Sheriff George Dubya.

2996664313_b78b8a8edcSarah Palin BKB

I highly recommend the Obama Art Report for more information regarding these artists and many many more like-minded individuals. Finally, I leave you with some of my favorite images from last night’s President-elect acceptance speech:




  1. Very cool post. Can I include a link to it in the teacher’s guide for the textbook I’m writing? It would be perfect with the unit we did on art in public spaces…

    Check this:

  2. Absolutely!

  3. PS> That map is awesome. And Ohio did decide it!

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