Posted by: ableanna | October 10, 2008

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The Uniform

The Uniform

Alright, so I seriously love my girlfriend Gwyneth. I am not afraid to admit this. There are times when I feel like we are not on the same page (Brown rice syrup, Gwyneth? Seriously??), sometimes I am not speaking to her, but like most good friends we agree to disagree and move on.

I’ve received Newsletter #3 this week and I have enjoyed this one immensely, since I generally feel like I have no taste and can’t keep up with the trends. (i.e. Skinny Jeans. We’re still doing this?). This one is all about fashion, but fashion for Mums. Fashion for women like me, where I don’t think twice about throwing on a pair of New Balance runners with my black dress pants.

Gwyneth suggests The Uniform for those women who simply don’t have time to decide. I love the simplicity and classiness of her choices.

Uniform v.2

Uniform v.2

Uniform v.2

Uniform v.3

Uniforn v.3

Uniform v.4



  1. Fine. You win. I’ve subscribed. SHE’S EVERYWHERE.
    So a Flickr page, eh? I likey

  2. Due to it’s HEINOUSNESS (sp??) The second one can hardly be considered a uniform.

  3. I’m in the Gwyneth hater camp, but even I will admit that these are good looks. Uniforms are the best, and #1 and #4 work so well. I’m still doing skinny jeans, but am certainly on the look-out for a wide-leg pair (can’t abide the idea of a flare, though).

  4. OK, so I agree, I don’t think you would ever see me wear outfits number 2 and 3… but I like 3… and possibly 2. Just… I don’t know. I like the idea of simplicity.

    Actually I really like the idea of someone coming over everyday and saying “Yes, that is what you should wear” and also “Yes. You’re on the right track” and also “Yes, you’ve done it, you’ve found the meaning of life.”

    And let me say this: I have accepted the skinny jean. It just took me a while. Like, until yesterday. I honestly thought I was going to see the grade 8 resurgence of safety-pinning the bottom of your pants to acquire that look on a budget… there are some things (like bad perms and hair-sprayed high-tower bangs) that never need returned.

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