Posted by: ableanna | September 25, 2008

Chill-out, man…spider

After a week in our new house, we noticed a disturbing trend in our backyard… in that the spiders are rather larger. I’m not saying they’re tarantula-large, but it’s a consistent observation from our guests… after a few minutes of trying not to comment on how we really need to buy a lawnmower, most guests find themselves saying “Holy! Shi-i-…. Look at tha…ha..haah…” pointing directly to the Giant Behemoth who has a web taking up permanent residence on the entire left side of our garden. The foundation of the web is connected to our porch, the shed, the back wall of the garden, a few plant pots, and the cedar hedges. It means business. And frankly, I hate to argue with him.

MY SISTER: “I wouldn’t be surprised if you came out here and saw, like, a SPARROW caught in that thing.”

ME: “Or a cat.”

Or frankly, my daughter.
No joke, these things are on steroids. So when my sister found this video… I immediately identified with it, especially with the nostalgia attached to the Canadiana intro of the NFB’s “Hinterland’s Who’s-who” soundtrack and narration, but also having a spider “pop-a-cap” and drive a pimped out car is well worth two minutes of your time.



  1. LOL. so glad to see you are back, and this is the funniest thing i have seen in ages. the soundtrack and the guy’s voice are just priceless.

  2. Michelle! Great to see you here… I wish you were still blogging…

  3. I kind of do, on Flickr. It works better for me, especially now that I am internet-less at home (eep!). Oh, and in Vietnam, so check it out 🙂

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