Posted by: ableanna | September 24, 2008

American Politics

Playing house by Zina Saunders

Playing house by Zina Saunders

Even though I’m Canadian and even though we have our own election coming up on October 14th… I am obsessed with this American election. I think the entire world is obsessed with what is going on over there – as US foreign policy tends to have a dramatic effect on everybody in the world.

I won’t say too much, as so much is being said here, but like many, the prospect of a McCain/Palin win scares me. I feel like living in Canada might too close for comfort. What I can’t get over is how “close” they are in the “polls”, I actually think it’s a joke. No, really. Conspiracy theories abound, the media is spinning it to make it look like it’s a close race, right? RIGHT?!?

I wish the whole world was voting in this election.

Hunter by Zina Saunders

Hunter by Zina Saunders

Thanks to Drawger for the brilliant illustrations!


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