Posted by: ableanna | September 22, 2008

Summer unblogged

Irish field

Irish field by Annabelle Agnew

I don’t really know how to recap a summer that clearly I had no interest in blogging about. So I thought I would start with a picture from my travels in Ireland – I have loads more, but this one seemed appropriate for some gut reason.

The summer was busy. Packing a house up with a toddler desperate to spend her life in the park was no easy task. Unpacking the house… and then packing again for Ireland… and then unpacking. There were/are a lot of boxes and some denial involved.

Let’s just leave the summer at that. I don’t mean to turn it into a mystery wrapped in an enigma, but such is the nature of apathy. Or not? Look, I’m just trying to get the first post out of the way so I can move on. Start fresh. Perhaps post something worth reading. Okay?



  1. PERFECT! What a great way to get back in the blogosphere.
    Now I can torment you in the comments… muwhaha..ha.

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