Posted by: ableanna | July 4, 2008

Insomniacal Post

I am plagued by insomnia. PLAGUED.

So in an effort to feel marginally productive before I call it a day at 2 a.m., I’m leaving you a Brain Enema. I’m hoping the dump will purge me of some of the thoughts that seem to keep me awake at night.

The most important issue right now is this:

My friend Piera wrote an email that announced The Decline of My Girlfriend Gwyneth, hailing that her style icon fashion sense was that of yesteryear and subsequent downfall could be attributed to the uncool husband and odd choices in babynaming. A fierce debate ensued, hurling e-insults throughout the fiber-optic void, resulting in the following epiphanies and observations:
1. Gwyneth might have stolen this look from Our Britney
2. There are several layers involved when it comes to looking like a whore, this outfit only contains a Mild Dash of Whore.
3. Emeline’s D2M (Dead to Me) List has a new member on it… and it isn’t Gwyneth.
4. My current hairdo likens me to some sad aging Ramones fan gone overboard in the hairbrushing department. MY HAIR NEEDS TO BE SEDATED.
5. Nicole Kidman is AMAZING, much better than Gwyneth. (You have to read the article in this month’s Vogue.) (I can not wait to see Baz’s Australia.)
6. Piera might have been right afterall.

Moving upward and onward:

Lastly, do any of you insomniacs have advice for me? This needs to end.



  1. The photobomb of the fat dude mooning the chicks in the pool is HILARIOUS.
    Well done Annabelle. Well done.

  2. 1. I think Coldplay is cool (i was suggesting an influence) however by the looks of the other awful black dresses you found her wearing it seems she owns her choices.
    2. I LOVE the name Apple (hate Moses).
    3. This black lace monstrosity is in bad taste. I could see Spears, Beyonce, Sharon Stone, Terri Hatcher and the like wearing the same thing.
    4. A suggestion on the insomnia…DON’T GET ON THE COMPUTER AT NIGHT!!!!! Don’t take naps, don’t drink coffee, drink a glass of warm milk at night, take tylonol pm (just kidding) and there’s always vodka.
    5. You’re hilarious Johnny (or Joey, whichever you prefer)

  3. I just looked at the “Our Britney” link and the similarities are astounding! THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!

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