Posted by: ableanna | June 27, 2008

So what are you doing in front of your computer?

I’m kind of wondering why my brain cells are conspiring against me, it’s like they’ve made this pact since pregnancy to NEVER work with me again. And so I’ve been stumbling around all over the place posting up half-written to-do lists that I never look at again and only seem to remember to add things to the list when I’m completely unable to do it (i.e. in the shower, buying milk, watching this show, etc.)… hence, never really ever getting anything done. I’m thinking of constructing some sort of headband with a paper scroll that dangles a constant to-do list in front of my face, so that I’m constantly reminded of what I need to do. It would be called a BrainBerry-band.

This whole “remembering” thing is useless, because the moment I have free time I either lie down and have a nap (overwhelmed by too much to do even though I don’t know what it is I have to do) or I kind of sit and then, … nothing. The MOMENT I am interrupted (i.e. “MOMMY! PARK! SHOES! YOGURT! JUICE! AFTER! NOW! I DO IT! BLOCKS AND TOWERS! TAYO TOLLER! PAAAAARK! SLLIIIIIIDE!”) I remember the 5 million things I was supposed to be doing.

But in my defense, it IS summer and hardly anyone I know seems to be in front of their computer (unless they’re working-for-money folk). I don’t know about you, but the people I know have all recently turned into raging alcoholics. These people being Mothers and toddlers. Who needs water when it’s humid? I don’t. Beer only.

Did I mention that I’m in training for a half-marathon?

Anyway, I’m writing because I can’t remember what it is I am supposed to be doing right now on the computer. Although I’m pretty sure it isn’t this.


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