Posted by: ableanna | June 8, 2008

Missing the boat

I am devastated. The above painting is of me (obviously a much younger me) painted by my genius mother.

She just informed me that this painting is for sale at the show she’s in right now. You see, I already have a quite a large portrait of myself hanging in our dining room, which I had to cry my eyes out for until she bought it back and gave it to me as a graduating present. How wrong would it be to have TWO large paintings of myself in the house? Honestly, I feel heartbroken at the idea of anyone owning this painting except someone in the immediate family… I’m always suspect that whomever will own it just couldn’t possibly love it the way that I do.

My first hope is that it doesn’t sell. My second hope is that if it is sold, the person really really really loves it and will sell it back to me someday.

Lastly, my mother takes commissions for portraits. If you’re in the market for a great portrait, click on this sentence to get her contact info.



  1. It gets me every time! I’m all teary eyed.. and given all the money in the world, I would buy the sky/water paintings. They’re so still and perfect… perfect for my dream home in Nova Scotia…

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