Posted by: ableanna | June 3, 2008

I dream of new house

It’s kind of sad when your follow-up post to “I haven’t been writing” is yet another post that claims the equally obvious “I haven’t been writing…” so let’s skip the excuse shenanigans and get on with my oh so very busy and enthralling life that has kept me away from this place for so long.

First off WHAT IS WITH THE WEATHER, EASTERN CANADA? I officially hate you.

In other official news, we did buy a house. I think. I don’t know. One big box of congratulatory cookies from the mortgage broker (all eaten by me) and debate at the bank about whether both lives should be insured later, there is still no “SOLD” sign on our house. The Beatles “Nowhere Man” seems to be humming in my head a lot. I keep sending annoying emails to our real estate agent, bank and notary with questions like “Hi, it’s Annabelle, remember the house we bought? I just want to make sure it wasn’t sold to anyone else even though I know that this isn’t legally viable, but I live my life feeling like at any moment the carpet is going to be ripped from right under me, so I need to beg for assurances from all humankind. Could you get back to me on that? Thanks.”

I sound so business-like and A-type personality right? And yet for the remaining 23 hours and 45 seconds of my day I seem to live in a complete state of denial of everything I should be doing. I am really hoping that my latent telekinetic powers kick in on moving day. The amount of SHIT I have in my house is BULLSHIT. I swear I keep throwing the same stuff out and then I kind of pine over the days where I was so organized that my best friend would make an exhibit of my anal retentive personality while going through my medicine cabinet.

I hate this apartment SO much. SO SO MUCH. In fact I have used it as an excuse for not being able to create anything or do anything productive for the last three years. Not kidding. Even when I clean this house the place still looks dirty.

So here are a few things I am REALLY looking forward to in my new house:

– Being able to turn the kitchen hot and cold taps on and off without having to turn the water on and off underneath the sink every time.

– Opening windows that are not painted shut.

– No mold in bathroom

– A backyard without a big empty boat in it that houses the entire neighborhood’s wasp population

– Stairs that will not give me vertigo and a panic attack every time I carry the stroller up/down

– A dryer that will not squeak and a laundry line

– A dishwasher… and counter space

– Light. I can’t even imagine what 8 a.m. will look like without having to turn on all the lights in the house.

– Watching my daughter play in the backyard while I cook/clean/stare into space/read/whatever!



  1. Wasps are horrible!!! But new houses are great, and think of all the junk you can get rid of during the move šŸ™‚ Congratulations!

  2. I dream of moving too, although I have a dishwasher and my windows are not painted shut. But we live in a flat the size of some people’s closets, and while it has been educational learning about all the things I thought I needed that I just don’t have room for, MAN ALIVE do I crave some space. Oh, and also: the weather in England sucks too.

  3. I absolutely HATE wasps and can never understand those who hang out on Montreal terraces in August in what appears to be a storm of wasps.

    Michelle: would your mother like to interior decorate my house for free? Thought I would ask.

    Luke: after visiting my sister’s “apartment” in NYC’s east village I can appreciate what lack of space might really mean and how lucky we are in Montreal.

  4. Uh yeah, I worked at one of those terraces last summer…at first, I went around killing them like a wasp ninja, but then one wily sucker stung me and I swelled up like a balloon. I have since retired from wasp ninja-ing.

    Ha, my mom’s already busy decorating my siblings’ houses for free. But I’ll let you know if she has a free moment šŸ˜‰

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