Posted by: ableanna | April 30, 2008

Strike has ended! (I think)

LOL Eye chart

I just logged into my blog account today and noticed that my normal stats of 20 clicks per day, has declined to an average of 2 or 3 per day… which is incredibly commendable of you to continue coming back, very hopeful indeed.

Indeed! Indeed I was on strike. I like to go one strikes and put things on notice, without ever informing anyone but myself. What’s more, I like to be on strike in hindsight. (I’m having an incredibly hard time writing that sentence… am I on strike *in* hindsight, or *on* hindsight? I know the quote “Hindsight is always twenty-twenty” but even that looks weird when I type it out.) (I just googled “hindsight” and looks like the quote comes from Billy Wilder… still doesn’t help me with my on/in grammar struggle.)

Where was I? Oh yes, on strike in hindsight. Well, anyway I was, but now I am not, even though I only just determined that I was because I am in hindsight mode. Yeah. This post might prompt YOU to go on strike though!

Why was I on strike? Back pain, cramps, migraines, great weather, house-hunting, shoe shopping, The Bachelor, Dancing with The Stars, Gordon Ramsay, (someone please take my TV away), and holding up my picketing sign in the kitchen (I WON’T COOK FOR YOU, YOU, YOU OR ANYBODY! Twizzlers and Gingerale for ALL! or dirt.)

I think that’s enough.



  1. I didn’t know you held so much hatred for Eyes Wide Shut. Nicole Kidman made me want to slit my wrists.
    I’m glad you’re back, mind writing a few posts for me?

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