Posted by: ableanna | April 15, 2008

Put me on notice

Recently I joined my sister out for a few drinks and she regaled me with a list she was compiling of things she considered “Dead to her”, as well as an accompanying list of things put “On Notice” (insofar as being on their way to Dead).

Since she doesn’t have a blog and since she rarely, if ever, reads this blog, I figure I can steal the idea. Maybe I’ll be put on notice?! So exciting!

DEAD TO ME: Patisserie de Nancy, Quebec Parental Insurance Plan, Vomit Viruses, Battered Fish Sticks

ON NOTICE: Lasagna, Crocs, Food Poisoning, My back & left knee

Care to share yours?



  1. Dead to me: leggings (especially of the flesh-toned variety), useless academic papers, gravel on the sidewalks

    On notice: my lazy running partners, green tea, those new ads about “ma vie textuelle”


  2. Crocs eh?

    Dead to Me: Nelly Furtado, What White People Like, The Eagles, Ben Affleck, Gin, my eyebrows.

    On Notice: Quiche, ballet slippers, blogs (!), babies, Premiere Moisson, my hair.

  3. Dead: 5:30 a.m., anti-doctor people, late construction people, snow, banana bread, dancing with the stars, going to the pharmacy for diapers.

    Notice: Dr. Phil, Facebook, blogs, Wallmart, Panteen, meat.

  4. […] Indeed I was on strike. I like to go one strikes and put things on notice, without ever informing anyone but myself. What’s more, I like to be on strike in hindsight. […]

  5. (slightly late on this one)

    Dead to me: insomnia, hockey, television, scrabulous, soup, peeling paint

    On notice: bearded husbands, internet as a time filler/waster, chips

  6. […] comes to looking like a whore, this outfit only contains a Mild Dash of Whore. 3. Emeline’s D2M (Dead to Me) List has a new member on it… and it isn’t Gwyneth. 4. My current hairdo […]

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