Posted by: ableanna | April 8, 2008


I was about to write another apologetic post about my inability to write as frequently as I expect myself to, when I realized that I’m hardly offending anyone. At some point I do have to recognize that my life isn’t half as fascinating to the rest of the world as it is to me.

But let’s just say that if I *was* going to apologize, I would probably excuse myself due to all of that excess vomit the three of us found ourselves contending with over the weekend. Sadly making Saturday’s To-Do List Item #5: Today You WILL Blog take a massive demotion to Item #119, falling just under WASH EVERYTHING EVERYONE HAS EVER TOUCHED EVER and just above Eat something that isn’t crackers.

Shack Photography
While I continue to nibble away at crackers and sulk on my couch, I will make a direct plug for My Other Blog. Yes, I have two solely for the purpose of plugging each on either site. I figure if no one else will promote me on their blogs, well, this is my way of not taking a hint. Yes. Now I just have to get someone to visit them. If you are that someone, please go take a look at my photography at Shack.



  1. I was looking forward to pictures of vomit…

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