Posted by: ableanna | April 5, 2008


(“The Faceted Couroucou” by Carrie Marill)

About a year ago I subscribed to GOOD Magazine, in order to be better informed about future consumer choices I made. (It’s really good!) One of the articles featured Jen Bekman, a woman who figured out a way to bring art to the masses.

Of course, I forgot to follow-up on the article mainly because my computer at the time was built in 1821 and powered by lightning, making internet connection rather a thing of chance.

ANYWAY, I love Liz Kuball’s photography blog because she finds all the interesting new photography projects that I would like to find, but find it easier to just check them out on her blog. And she found the Jen Bekman gallery and 20×200.

You want some art for 20$? Click the link here. Amazing. I think my Visa Card is calling me.



  1. Michele sent me to say hi, ableanna.

    My Visa is being withheld until my vacation in Canada in three weeks time…..


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