Posted by: ableanna | March 17, 2008


Just imagine you had never heard of a banana and then someone eats one in front of you and tells you a little bit about them and then all of the sudden, you start seeing them everywhere! Not only that, everyone seems to be talking about them, too! Totally amazing right? Totally.

Well, that seems to be what’s happening with my Album Art “Quest” a.k.a Brain Atrophy Prevention for the Over-laundered Isolated Parent at Home. (The acronym would be “BAPOIPH” for future reference.)

I spent my Saturday evening with a bottle of wine and my computer, re-introducing myself to the blogosphere (after a year of basically using my computer time to check my email, which immediately redirected me to Facebook)… I highly recommend checking out The Guardian’s “World’s 50 most powerful blogs” as a starting point.

Well color me yellow and call me “Banana”! One of these new blogs that I am quickly becoming a fan of has introduced me to The Sleeveface and I suggest you check out the rest of the article right here. You won’t regret it.

(If you’re too lazy, then please take a moment to check out the links she provided here, here and here.)


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